Tuesday, September 4, 2007

current information about lack of daily comics

OK so if anyone has even been noticing I haven't been posting a comic daily here for a few days. Obviously that sort of is against the "daily comic" code. However, I have been drawing them daily. I've just had some internet issues that I hope can been solved on their own. If not, then I'll have to adjust my ways and means for getting daily comics posted on a daily schedule. Currently I'm at a very packed cafe/tea house called Zoka. It's near my apartment and it'll serve my needs for now. So hold tight, don't get discouraged and please don't give up on me. This is my baby, and currently the only thing that I have control over. Life is otherwise uncontrolable and constantly changing.
marc "swellzombie" palm

PS: thank you Levi for letting people know what's up when I couldn't.

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Levi Jacob Bailey said...

Yeah, I'm quite a fuckin' guy.


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