Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swellzombie Sees the Music

illustration by Dalton Webb

Coming soon from the Bureau of Drawers is a comic collection titled COMBO #1. A "happy-meal"-like box will contain several mini-comics created individually by members of the drawing group that meets at the Cafe Racer on Wednesdays.

My contribution will be a mini collecting 8 out of 12 weekly comics I did last year that were based on lyrics to songs. It's titled: "Swellzombie Sees the Music". It'll be a black and white digest sized book with a CD-R included that will have all 12 of the comics in color and music to accompany the comics.

Originally it was called "Combo Mix-Tape". I had the cover all drawn and laid out the way I wanted it. Then while going through a current Previews catalog I saw the cover to Alex Robinson's "Tricked". He used a photograph of a mixed tape for both the front and back cover.

I'm always saying that "great minds think a like" but this was too close for comfort. So I came up with a new title and cover. Which I feel is superior to my previous attempt. It lends more to what's inside and less to the concept.

Keep an eye out for COMBO #1 as it debuts at Seattle's Bumbershoot 2010!! Followed up by an official gallery show release that will feature loads of original art in September.


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