Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekly 012

"Thank Youuu, Stimulus Check!!" (caption submitted by Jilf)

I'm baffled by this drawing. It's a screwed up image I know, so that might baffle some, but I want it to be funny. I just couldn't think of a caption that would really floor anyone or myself. It really lends a lot to the imagination and there's a lot of possibilities for a joke.

SO... I want to have a Caption Contest! If you can come up with a really funny caption or phrase that the character could be saying you'll WIN an original piece of art by me. Maybe a food/drink equivilant if you don't want to collect more crap.

SO... The ONLY WAY I'll 'officially' accept a submission for the contest is if you leave a COMMENT!! That way I can get some extra feedback from readers to help me decide who wins. Next week, when I post a new comic I'll announce the winner and they will then have to supply me with their contact information in order to recieve the artwork that they've won.

SO...Get to it! You have a week and you can enter as many times as you want. I'm not going to limit you to trying to be funny once.

UPDATE!! 6-27-08

The winner has been chosen, but feel free to keep adding your caption ideas. It's really fun to read everyone's interpitations.

This is sort of ridiculous. Thanks Flickr for not being so prudish.


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