Monday, September 24, 2007

A test painting

So what I've done here is painted on a board the "stinker" creature from one of my older comics. This is a test basically.

On the 29th of September I'm going to pick up 30 8"x10" canvas boards from the Blank Space Gallery. From the 29th of September till the 29th of October I have to paint on all the canvases. I will have to return the paintings and then in December there will be a show featuring my 30 paintings (only selling for $40 a piece) and paintings from other artists who took the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.
What I plan to do is simple. Draw a daily comic like I do. Then paint a portrait of one of the creatures that appeared in that comic. So each of the paintings will coincide with a comic from that month. I plan to post the paintings in advance of the show. Probably when they're finished. This is so that everyone gets a preview of what will be available at the gallery show.
If anyone is interested in this painting it's going for $40.



Levi Jacob Bailey said...

Is it, like, cut up pieces of wood, or actual canvas? I ask because of the little grain details and chips out of the color and all that...Plus, I imagine handing out 30 canvases could get pretty expensive. Just wondering.

Swellzombie said...

This piece is actually on a 8"x8" about a 1/4" thick board. So that's why it looks like wood.
For the show everything WILL be on canvas board. So it'll only be like 3/8" of an inch thick and 8"x10".

Levi Jacob Bailey said...

Ah. If I would have just read your entry carefully, instead of glossing over it like an ass, I would have been able to answer that myself...with clues like "This is a test, basically" and "on the 29th of September I'm going to pick up canvas boards". I'm fucking brilliant. Sorry 'bout that.


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