Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekly 099

Inspired by the lyrics of Clear Days Always AKA Levi Bailey. He and I started an independent music and comic distribution thing called Self Satisfied in 2004. He's the President and I'm the other guy.
This particular song "Marbles" was one of the earliest pieces that Levi did on his slow slow slow computer in the winter of 2000. I always thought it was a great and creepy piece.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

weekly 098

On Sunday February 14th one of my good friends and fellow collaborator on Monsterhead Books passed away. Charlie Burgoon was a cartoonist from Coldwater Michigan who worked on many self-published books with titles like Odd, Fizzenpop, and his auto-biographical comic Epidermolysis bullosa Narcissus. Charlie had the skin disease Epidermolysis bullosa and dealt with it for 40 years. The disease made way for skin cancer that once spread, lead to his death. 
He will be missed and with luck his artwork will be archived and shared with everyone. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekly 097

Less than a year ago I came up with two pages of the ANT and offered readers to come up with ideas for what might happen next in the story. Since I'll be putting the Psychic Creature to rest soon, I thought I'd follow through and come up with a continuation based on what people came up with.
Most suggestions had the ANT going into the basement and finding "something". So I went with that prevailing choice and then used some more parts from a couple of other suggestions.
Thanks Chris, Charlie, and Brandon for ideas.

Here are the previous pages.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekly 096

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Weekly 095

Based on some of the lyrics to Beck's song Devil's Haircut from the album Odelay.

"Something's wrong 'cause my mind is fading
And everywhere I look there's a dead end waiting
Temperature's dropping at the rotten oasis
Stealing kisses from the leperous faces

Heads are hanging from the garbage man trees
Mouthwash jukebox gasoline
Crystals are pointing at a poor man's pockets
Smiling eyes ripping out of his sockets

Got a devil's haircut in my mind"


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