Monday, September 24, 2007

A test painting

So what I've done here is painted on a board the "stinker" creature from one of my older comics. This is a test basically.

On the 29th of September I'm going to pick up 30 8"x10" canvas boards from the Blank Space Gallery. From the 29th of September till the 29th of October I have to paint on all the canvases. I will have to return the paintings and then in December there will be a show featuring my 30 paintings (only selling for $40 a piece) and paintings from other artists who took the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.
What I plan to do is simple. Draw a daily comic like I do. Then paint a portrait of one of the creatures that appeared in that comic. So each of the paintings will coincide with a comic from that month. I plan to post the paintings in advance of the show. Probably when they're finished. This is so that everyone gets a preview of what will be available at the gallery show.
If anyone is interested in this painting it's going for $40.


Day 154

Day 153

Friday, September 21, 2007

Day 151

I don't know about this...
Anyway, since I have some original comics displayed at the World Cup coffee shop I ended up being apart of the University District Artwalk. So that's pretty cool. Just noting it for history sake.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day 142

This comic was inspired by an article that I read in Popular Science magazine. It was about this new way of fighting depression by putting these electrodes into a persons brain. The article here shows something different than what they published in the magazine. But you get the idea. Anyway, I got something from that. Popular Science is awesome!!!

Day 141

On my trip back from Detroit the other day I had a stop in Chicago. Well the weather and timing was off and so I missed my flight to Seattle. So did this other woman named Lynn. She panicked and I helped her and myself get to the hotel that the airline set us up with. This comic was inspired by that. Nothing disastrous happened to us though and we saw each other the next morning at 7am for our long flight back to Emerald City.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Day 138

Although there's been such a ruckus in my life, something good has come out of it. An Art Show!!!
It's going to be a showing of my daily comic originals. I'm also going to have some sample comics for free and a couple of the Lair books for sale.
It's at the World Cup espresso and wine shop. Which is located just up the street from Scarecrow Video on Roosevelt in the University District.
It's going up today and should be around until the end of the month.
Please stop by, say hello to the fine ladies that work there and take a a look at my handywork up close and personal.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

current information about lack of daily comics

OK so if anyone has even been noticing I haven't been posting a comic daily here for a few days. Obviously that sort of is against the "daily comic" code. However, I have been drawing them daily. I've just had some internet issues that I hope can been solved on their own. If not, then I'll have to adjust my ways and means for getting daily comics posted on a daily schedule. Currently I'm at a very packed cafe/tea house called Zoka. It's near my apartment and it'll serve my needs for now. So hold tight, don't get discouraged and please don't give up on me. This is my baby, and currently the only thing that I have control over. Life is otherwise uncontrolable and constantly changing.
marc "swellzombie" palm

PS: thank you Levi for letting people know what's up when I couldn't.

Day 135

Day 134

The last day of the Monster Sword Fight!!

Day 133

Day 37 of the Monster Sword Fight!! It's getting sad now.


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