Friday, August 5, 2011

4 Eyes

I made 5 of these mini comic collections with four mini comics, Homeless Frankenstein Baby (made with Tim Miller, and Max Clotfelter), One Great Taste (made with Max Clotfelter), 12 Mutations (made with Nikki Burch) and Molting (made with me, myself and my molted flesh) It also includes a They Live postcard and a hand drawn bookmark.

I have a feeling that 5 won't be enough.

Swellzombie See's the Music

This is a digest sized mini zine that collects 8 comics that I illustrated based on the lyrics of 8 different song by 8 different musicians. It was originally apart of the Bureau of Drawer's comics box set called COMBO #1.

Since I'm going to the Portland Zine Symposium I've reprinted it and like the original printing I've included a mix CD with the 8 tracks that inspired the art. So if you're not a weird-o like me and don't already own these songs...


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