Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Short Run 2011 Year Book

At 7 am on Saturday November 12th I was struck with this idea to come up with a blank yearbook layout that would get passed around the Short Run zine fest at the Vera Project. I jumped up out of bed, made a few pages with blank panels and then a "CLASSIFIED" document folder with the "Mission" details inside. 
I drew the first face based on a self-portrait phone photo. Then when I got to the fest I passed it to Max Clotfelter first. Telling him the plan and it went from there. I got it back by the end of the show. Afterwards I raced home scanned the pages and compiled a card for each of the Short Run founders: Martine Workman, Kelly Froh, Jenny Gialenes, and Eroyn Franklin. I gave them their copies at the after party held at Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery.

Thank you to everyone who accepted the mission and big thanks to Short Run!!! See you next year!! 

Below are photos and files of the Yearbook, I hope are large enough for print.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ghost Powers

Another book that I've put together for Seattle's Short Run zine fest is Ghost Powers. It will also have a VERY LIMITED release of 5 copies.

Become the Mind

So the 24 hour comic that I did and split up into three chapters here: Now Who's Your Enemy, Someone Who Will Die for You and Black Magic Omen will be collected in one zine called Become the Mind. Premiering at Seattlle's Short Run small press fest on November 12th at the Vera Project. VERY LIMITED EDITION first print is only 5 copies.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hole Show #2

Max Clotfelter is my mini comic hero and a friend. He invited me to do a comic that would continue after the first issue of Hole Show. I jumped at the chance.

So I finished Hole Show #2 just in time for Seattle's Short Run. I've made plenty of these puppies. So everyone who wants one can get one (that should be about 20 right?).


After the Short Run event there's going to be an after party gathering at the Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery. Where a couple of pages from this book will be displayed next to a bunch of super awesome cartoonists.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ollie and June

This comic has taken me at least 10 years to complete. Started in early 2000 +/- and finally complete in September 2011. It's based on a short story written by Chris Paul.

12 B/W pages hard board cover with hand cut window.

VERY LIMITED First print only 5 copies

Premiering at Seattle's Short Run on November 12th at the Vera Project.

Monday, November 7, 2011

4 New Accordian Fold Comics

I'll be premiering these four new accordion folded mini comics at Short Run this weekend. All are print on one side black and white with full color wraps. 
VERY LIMITED!! First printing is a run of 5 each!!

Table #46 at Short Run Seattle!

Saturday the 12th of November will be the day that Short Run at the Vera Project will kick Seattle's ass.

I'll be holding down table #46 with about a dozen or more comics. I'm going to have brand new work, some previously released books, and some older comics that have never seen the light of day until now. Many of these comics are going to have an amazingly small print run to coincide with the event. No more than five copies of some of the books may be available.

This day will go down in history!!

After the event at the Vera Project, there will be an after party at the Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery where many of the cartoonists, including myself will have artwork displayed and will be partying as hard as cartoonist can. 


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