Friday, June 8, 2007


I want to give a big thanks to Levi Bailey who inspires me with his better than average support and how much he flatters me.

I also want to thank Tony Millionaire for the influence that I didn't really realize was there until recently.

As well as Anders Nilsen who I really really enjoy and has definately influenced me.

Kevin Clarke I thank you for your input. I actually do listen and appreciate your ideas. You're a very funny guy and if I can get you to laugh, I'm doing OK.

Jeff and Sarah at Chaco for the support and coffee.

National Geographic and insect/aquatic documentary film makers for letting me see a fantastical world.


Levi Jacob Bailey said...

You're more than welcome, buddy. You've inspired the hell out of me over the years...I'm glad to return the favor when my laziness permits. Let's never stop jerking each other off, eh? On into the golden years...

Tony Millionaire said...

You're welcome, buddy. You've never inspired me because I've never heard of you but you seem like a swell guy.


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