Friday, June 8, 2007

DAY 50!!!

So... 50 days have passed. Does it seem that long? Does it seem longer? I'm pretty damn happy I got this far. I plan to keep going until I'm tired of it. I have it in mind that the content might change from this to that in the future. This style with the creatures is fun but I might try and expand into some other things. Robots are good. So keep reading to see how things go.

Keep an eye/ear open for news of a mini comic/zine that will collect some of these in a physical form.

On with the comic....


Levi Jacob Bailey said...

This is 51 by my count, homeboy. Jinkies.

Anonymous said...

50, holy shit! This far and no robots, must be saving it for the Transformer movie, keep it, up the routine is good for you.
From the far corners of the closed quarters,
Tiki Jones.


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