Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 60

It took so much to get this one done. I think I became stupider after watching Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Owner: Aeron Alfrey


Levi Jacob Bailey said...

I don't know why you bothered watching that movie. I mean, the first one was terrible, right? I didn't watch it myself, so I'm no expert, but it sure looked like a shitty movie. And everything I read was negative. And now they poop out a sequel, and somehow it's #1 at the box office, like everyone forgot how shitty the first one was, and can't see how shitty this one looks... The fucking Surfer looks like the T-1000, and, fuck...I don't know...

Cool comic.

Swellzombie said...

It wasn't as bad as I remember the first one being. I mean the dialog was a "groan a minute" type of deal but the Silver Surfer looked great. I hate everyone of the Fantastic Four. Dr. Doom is aweful too. I think other than the guy who plays the Human Torch lost some sort of bet and are obligated to be in these movies. Unless I'm giving these actors more credit than they deserve.


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