Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekly 063

Now I'm always trying something new and here's my current experiment. These are the first two pages of what I'd like to see become a "chose what happens next" type of comic.
I want these two pages to be the point at which one chooses what will happen next. I'm going to be taking suggestions as well as having fun myself. I don't want any sort of epic plots but something that I can do in a page or two. If you have an idea, leave it as a comment below, unless you don't want everyone to see it, send me an email.
Editor's Note: Some one out there might recognize The ANT from my old mini comic days. I've brought him back to life with a little tweaking and hope that this turns out to be a good place for him.

Here's what I came up with based on several suggestions combined.

1 comment:

Daniel J. Olson said...

I love the backstory on the Ant! Failed midget luchadore, classic!

He should run into his arch nemesis in the basement, another luchadore from his lucha libre days. Not sure if you have a character already setup for that role, since I haven't read the mini-comic, but in the words of Matthew McConaughey from the movie 'Dazed and Confused', "it'd be cooler if you did."


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