Thursday, March 22, 2012

They've Released the INTRUDER

Mark your calendars. The official release of Seattle's newest underground comic newspaper INTRUDER is happening March 29th 6-9pm. 
The release will be held at the Ballard CoCA (Center on Contemporary Arts) gallery along with an elaborate and large exhibit of original artwork from the paper and many other pieces from the 11 contributors. There will be beer wine and snacks.
The list of contributors: Nikki Burch, Max Clotfelter, Aidan Fitzgerald, Billis Helg, Ben Horak, Alexa Kristine Koenings, Jason T. Miles, Tim Miller, Tony Ong, Marc J Palm, and Tom Van Deusen

We've got a tumblr page that show a lot of work that will be in the paper along with much much more!

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