Saturday, October 2, 2010

Marie Test

Today is officially 24 Hour Comic day, and shortly I'm going to be joining number of other cartoonist in a rented hall here in Seattle to try and accomplish 24 written and illustrated comic pages. I have confidence that I'll succeed this time."This time"?

Years and years ago, maybe the year 2000 I attempted a 24 hour comic. I started at like 10pm and then worked all through the morning but crashed at like 11am. I gave up too easily. When I woke I did have 12 pages penciled and inked. I tried to do a page an hour without planning ahead. Not a good idea. Since it was a 24 hour comic failure I later drew a few more pages then colored it. For the first time, I'm showing off that glorified failure.

"Marie Test" is titled after a psychological test called the "three-paper test" created by Marie Pierre to test for aphasia. I randomly latched on to this idea and ran with it. It by no means has anything to do with the actual test. It just helped me move the story.

Hope you enjoy this strange and very immature comic. 

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