Sunday, July 1, 2007

Day 72

So because I shorted ya'll yesterday, I've done two today. I feel guilty when I don't get one posted everyday. However, I did get to see John Carpenter's The Thing on a big screen! One of my favorites and visually really inspiring. Tenticles!! The Grand Illusion here has a brand new 35mm print and it's amazing!!


josef renner said...

thanks for your comment, it's encouraging! i hope being able to provide pictures of passed-on-animals for you soon again.
if you like drawing while listening to frank zappa, you should check out episode #63 of the podcast "schellack inferno".
keep the psychic creatures coming, i enjoy them very much!

Levi Jacob Bailey said...

I'm so happy...I figured out how to view the full versions of these comics and save them even when they do that weird unclickable dead-link thing...I right-click on the preview image, click "Properties", and copy the image address from there. Then I put that in the address bar of my browser and it goes right to the full version! I went back and got the ones I missed. Yay for me.


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