Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Interesting ideas are abound

Firstly: I figured out why no one was leaving comments. And now I've turned on the option to leave comments. Simple enough.

Secondly: I would like to have the daily comics available for sale. That is if you are interested in buying them. If you don't want them... then don't buy them. But I'm figuring that I'll charge something like $15 per comic.

What you'll get for $15 dollars: One 4" x 6" note card that's been folded twice in half to give an image of borders. Then with ink there'll be a drawing on one side. The other side will be the date when I drew the comic and my name. The packaging for mailing will be of quality materials not unlike those found at NASA. Fair enough? Cool. E-mail me with your request and we'll figure something out.

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