Friday, November 30, 2012

Buy My Books!!!

I've really only been selling my books via comic fests. It's really the best way. But... I need to reach out to you internet folk.

I've gone and done the simplest thing I could figure out and I put a bunch of them up on Etsy. Here's the link:

I appreciate every sale and I usually throw in some extra little bits. If you mention this blog I'll throw in a copy of INTRUDER with each sale!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Help Snake Bomb Comix and Buy My Art

Snake Bomb Comics is a great anthology that comes out of Portland. It has artists from all over featured in the previous two issues. The up-coming third issue will have a 6 page comic by ME! It's going to be some really twisted stuff, with some same sex Smutpets making a baby. Without Jack Hayden's encouragement to be a sick weird-o this wouldn't have happened. At least not for a while anyway.

I'm selling drawings of some of my sexy sketches in order to raise some money to get this thing printed. Sexy puppet headed women or I like to call them Smutpets (smut + puppet). There are new sexy Muppet costumes out there now, so I'm not the only fucked up person with this idea.

So go to the Snake Bomb Comix Big Cartel page and buy pencil sketch $10 or an ink drawing $20 to help us out.

Also if you don't like the drawings I've done there and want something special. Something personal... I'll do a commission for you for the same price. Send me a photo of you in your underwear (and/or naked) or a photo of someone naked and I'll convert that picture into a Smutpet drawing for you to hang on your wall and let the conversations explode!

Great for hanging in the bathroom.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The No-Prize Winners

one panel from a page of strips staring Stan Lee for a Marvel Comics Presents by Josh Bayer, Keenan Keller, and Pat Aulisio


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